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Privacy Policy

Daikoku Electric Wire Co., Ltd. declares that, concerning the personal information of our customers, business partners, employees, etc., we observe the laws, regulations, and other rules regarding the protection of personal information. We also establish rules and systems of our own, and provide, implement, and maintain our privacy policy as mentioned below.

1. Basic policy for handling personal information

In order to implement the above declaration, we set rules for protecting personal information, make sure that our workers (not only our employees but also directors, audit & supervisory board members, consultants, temporary workers, and partner companies’ staff working in our company, etc.) and other related parties are familiarized with and faithfully follow the rules, and ensure that they are maintained and continuously improved.

2. Collection of personal information

We use fair and legal means to collect personal information, and notify or publish details about the purposes of using it.

3. Purpose of using personal information

The information collected in compliance with the rules above is handled only by authorized personnel for specific tasks with the following purposes.

(1) Personal information of customers or business partners

  • Promotion of our products and services including provision of related information (such as catalog delivery)
  • Sales/supply of our products and services, and customer support
  • Development of our products and services
  • Delivery of direct marketing to customers and business partners regarding products, offers, promotions, rewards, events, and services offered by our company and other business entities
  • Verification of entry qualifications in connection with the entry of customers or business partners, and the conduct of promotions, including issuance of prizes
  • Analysis of the browsing history of customers and business partners that they have provided to us through our website and social media sites and other information of such customers and business partners, thereby providing them with information on products that meet their preferences and tastes
  • Analysis of the number of accesses made to the landing page as set up through our advertisements, thereby striving to improve the content of the advertisements and advertisement placements
  • Fulfillment of any other business or commercial purposes at the direction of customers or business partners or with notification and/or consent thereof
  • Performance of contracts with customers and business partners
  • Engagement in business negotiations, meetings, or other forms of communication with customers and business partners (including audio recording and video-taping of the content of such meetings, etc.)
  • Response to comments, questions, and requests from customers and business partners, provision of customer service, and otherwise performance of services requested by customers and business partners
  • Conduct of questionnaire surveys of customers and business partners and analysis of the results thereof

(2) Personal information of stockholders

  • Exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations under the Companies Act and other relevant laws and regulations
  • Provision of services
  • Implementation of various measures for stockholders
  • Management of stockholder information based on laws and regulations, including creation of databases

(3) Personal information of employment applicants

Provision of employment information to applicants and communication with them about selection procedures directly or through their universities or employment agencies

(4) Purposes of use common to all personal information

  • Prevention of and response to fraud, violation of relevant policies and rules, threats, and damage
  • Operation, management, and improvement of our website, social media accounts, applications, marketing activities, products, and services
  • Analysis of data on access to our website and its contents and the access speed thereto, thereby striving to improve our website and its contents and to enhance our systems and servers
  • Any other purposes of use individually notified or publicly announced to the extent that it is required by applicable laws and regulations

4. Sharing of personal information

We may use the personal information we have on file, such as addresses, names, company names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or comments on the inquiry form, jointly with our affiliates. The usage of the information is restricted to the extent appropriate to accomplish the purposes mentioned in the previous article. The scope of joint users is limited to our affiliates as detailed on the website below.
*Joint users include those listed as its affiliates (limited to those within Japan) on the website of each company named at the above URL

Company in charge of personal information management:
Daikoku Electric Wire Co., Ltd.
767-90 Takawarabi Hachisu Ohtawara-City Tochigi Pref. 324-0244 Japan

5. Management of personal information

In order to secure the accuracy and safety of personal information, we take measures to prevent unlawful access to or loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information.

6. Provision of personal information

(1) We do not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the person or unless otherwise provided by laws or regulations with regard to personal information protection.
(2) When we consign the handling of personal information to a third party to the extent appropriate to accomplish the purposes of using the information, we take measures required by laws or regulations to prevent the personal information from leaking from the third party.

7. Specific personal information

Separate measures required by laws or regulations shall be taken to handle specific personal information.

8. Disclosure, correction, no further use of retained personal data

Upon request from individuals to disclose, correct, or otherwise handle, or stop using their retained personal data, or upon request from individuals to disclose records on the provision of such personal data as would lead to the identification of those individuals to a third party, we will respond to such request properly in a manner specified by the company.

Effective on Jan.1, 2015
Revised on Mar.1, 2018
Revised on Apr.1, 2022

Koji Urasaki,
Administrative Manager,
Personal Data Manager
Daikoku Electric Wire Co., Ltd.

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